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Seize the opportunity and make the best investment of your life

We have prepared a complete step by step about Real Estate Management with great hints from professionals who have been in the market for over 15 years doing the best deals for their clients.

You need the right guidance

If you have problems finding the ideal property or even finding an investment that fits your budget, Vitoria Realty offers the experience and credibility to convert the purchase of a US House in profit.

The correct process of acquiring a property

For those who want to acquire a property in Florida, they need support and guidance regarding documentation, information on major Florida regions, mandatory tourist attractions such as: Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, restaurants, shopping malls, outlets, etc. Take a look at our Blog: https://www.vitoriarealty.com/blog

Disney Lovers Tourists Renting Your Property

Millions of tourists each year book hotel rooms and vacation homes for a Disney season. It is the dream trip of many. With the help of Blue Travel, belonging to the Vitoria Realty Group, your property will be available for rent to millions of tourists who visit Orlando from all over the world. You will have access to the online calendar, in real time, to make your property available during the time of the year and block when it is convenient for you.

Tourists are increasingly demanding for comfort, luxury, comfort and privacy. The vacation homes feature state-of-the-art infrastructure, private pool, located in Resorts close to parks and attractions is appreciation accurate and still generating revenue in dollars with rents.

Values and negotiations exposed with transparency

You will have access to related rental information. Vitória works together with its clients to identify their needs, drawing a unique planning for each specific type of goal. With a panel organized with all the information, the client has the possibility to understand in a didactic way all the nuances about the business.

A smart way to invest in a property

Florida is the state with almost 19 million inhabitants. It is popular for tropical climate, beaches, theme parks, attractions, shopping malls and good restaurants. The real estate market is increasingly a tremendous opportunity for anyone looking for a secure investment. With many attractions to the Brazilians, the city of Orlando has become a safe haven to dollarize the capital.

The city of real estate opportunities offers undeniable benefits. To grow you have to invest. Making a good investment with the acquisition of property for tourists is the opportunity in the city that receives 65 million tourists a year.

Let's start investing?

Vitoria Realty transmits to you all the knowledge, experience and professionalism necessary to invest safely. Feel apt to start a new life with the purchase and lease of the best opportunities present in the Florida real estate market. Realize the dream of monetizing intelligently and without risk of loss.

Consult Florida state-certified brokers with large experience in the market. Contact Vitoria!

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